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Miniseries Meanderings: Punk Rock Jesus and Spaceman

Over the last few weeks I have been writing on a variety of comic-book miniseries that have recently wrapped up. Now I want to comment on a couple of miniseries that ended a little while back, but ones that I’ve … Continue reading

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Miniseries Meanderings: Lot 13 and Ragemoor

More thoughts on some of the miniseries that have (relatively) recently wrapped up, and two of them that seem a very likely pair: Steve Niles and Glenn Fabry’s Lot 13 (DC Comics) and Jan Strnad and Richard Corben’s Ragemoor (Dark Horse). Both are horror … Continue reading

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Alien Thoughts

Lately I’ve been writing about a number of recent miniseries that I’ve been reading, titles that have been wrapping up over the past few weeks, and commenting on the comics as I’ve completed them.  I’ll continue to do this — … Continue reading

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Miniseries Meanderings: Colder and Ex Sanguine

A couple of other miniseries I’ve recently completed — and that wrapped up not long ago — are Paul Tobin and Juan Ferreyra’s Colder and Tim Seeley and Josh Emmons’s Ex Sanguine.  Not only do both titles share common ground through their … Continue reading

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Miniseries Meanderings: Comeback and Change

To continue with what I’ve been calling my miniseries meanderings, I’ll look next at two titles from Image Comics that have recently concluded, Ed Brisson and Michael Walsh’s Comeback and Ales Kot and Morgan Jeske’s Change.  Both of these are mind-bending comics, … Continue reading

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Miniseries Meanderings: Reset and Resident Alien

It’s been awhile since I last posted anything in Words Generally Only Spoil Things, but it’s been a very busy month for me, much of it revolving around the recent events surrounding Philip Roth’s 80th birthday.  For obvious reasons, I’ve been using … Continue reading

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Racially Entitling Bloomberg Businessweek

The cover illustration of the most recent issue of Bloomsberg Businessweek: Did anyone at the magazine pause to consider the inadvertent (?) ethnoracial implications of this illustration for a cover story on housing and financing? Did anyone notice that, of the … Continue reading

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Southern Comfort

According to Scott McCloud, comics utilize space in the same way that film relies on time: it is an essential and defining means through which to present a sequential narrative.  The context of the comics page, the arrangement of its … Continue reading

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Building Stories – A Close Reading

This past week my co-host, Andy Kunka, and I discussed Chris Ware’s Building Stories on The Comics Alternative podcast, and it was a very productive conversation.  We covered a lot of ground, but given the voluminous and complex nature of this project … Continue reading

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Comic Projections

Stanford University Press has a new series, Post•45.  This is line of books (according to their website) that is devoted to popular and avant-garde U.S. culture after the Second World War, and I’ve recent finished one of the inaugural volumes in … Continue reading

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